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OFF Road Volvo Penta Engines

Volvo Penta is a premium supplier for engines for the agricultural industry. Wecontinuously work towards sustainable solutions and provide both OEMs andoperators with state-of-the-art engines and technology based on over 100 yearsof engineering experience. Our engines power agricultural applications all overthe world – contributing to the overall productivity of the operations throughexcellent performance and fuel efficiency.

TodayVolvo Penta product line include engines with power range from 105 kW (143 bhp) to 565 kW (768 bhp) and working capacity from 5 to 16 liters.

Main advantages of the Volvo Penta engines are:


Low noise level

Low fuel consumption

Ease in service and repair

Volvo Penta engines list:


Volvo Penta prime power engines supply constant, dependable power for your operation. Excelling in durability and reliability,you can rest assured your business is running at full capacity.

Model range is developed talking into account possibility of quick servicing,moreover almost every engine can be checked with special diagnostic equipment. Today list of power generator engines include engines with power from 75 kW to 547 kW.

Main advantages of the Volvo Penta energy generator engines are:


Low noiselevel

Long fail-free terms

Easy to install

Low cost of ownership

Volvo Penta list of generator engines:

Detroit Diesel (International)

As well Western Technologies JV offers to the customer new and rebuilt DTA-530E engines from Detroit Diesel (International) 265, 300 and 330 h.p. power for PA Gomselmash (KZS-1218, UES-2-250) vehicles and MTW JSC (Belarus-3022DV, Belarus-3022.1, Belarus-2522DV). Every engine is supported by our specialists from the warehouse to its launch on the vehicle. Our company provides obligatory warranty support of each sold engine.

Двигатель DTA-530E

        Western Technologies JV sells Detroit Diesel Series 60  engines 373-615 kW power. Specialists of our company can make technical maintenance and repair of these engines.


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